I Can’t Do This! I CAN Do This!

Early in my first pregnancy, I set my sights on a natural birth. But when I learned at my twenty-week sonogram that I was having twins, I knew my risk for having a Cesarean section increased to greater than 50 percent. Aside from devouring every book I could find about twin pregnancy, I assembled my dream team for birth: an OB who had given birth naturally to twins, an experienced doula, and, of course, my husband. My pregnancy went so well that at thirty-eight weeks, my cervix was still shut tight. As much as I had hoped to go into labor spontaneously, I knew a scheduled induction … [Read more...]

Belly Button Bliss

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Belly Button Bliss: A Small Collection of Happy Birth Stories is a pretty baby shower gift. It’s the perfect antidote to the scary stories birth mothers too often hear about labor and childbirth. Filled with inspirational birth stories, the Belly Button Bliss essay collection celebrates the wisdom of women’s bodies and the transformative effect of childbirth. Each story shows that when a mama-to-be has ample support, lots of encouragement, and a positive frame of mind, her birth story is more likely to be a happy one. Buy the Book! … [Read more...]