Be Blooma Well: Prenatal Yoga DVD

Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD

In 2006, my dear friend and birth mentor Sarah Longacre had the crazy, brilliant idea to create a prenatal yoga DVD. I was honored to help with the sequencing for the class, and then at 34 weeks pregnant with my second daughter, I stretched, ate, and whined my way through two very long days of filming. (How were my pregnant co-stars so nice through it all?! They were amazing!)

Thanks to Sarah’s dedication, her enthusiasm, her perseverance, and her absolute light, the result is a prenatal yoga DVD that I recommend without hesitation. It’s a modern mama’s guide to breath, movement, and chanting. And it’s so much more than just a prenatal yoga class — the DVD includes 5 birth videos, on-the-go yoga MP3s, and PDF resources to help couples prepare for their birthing day.

But you don’t have to take my biased word for it. Check this out:

From the Yoga Journal review of the DVD, by Jane Austin:

“This is more than a prenatal yoga video — it’s a colorful, multidimensional care package for a new mother-to-be.”

And from Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein of The Business of Being Born:

“Blooma Prenatal Yoga is a joy! Inspiring, informative, empowering — this DVD is a great gift for moms-to-be.”

For yourself, for a friend, for your sister — this is a great DVD. It’s wonderful to have on hand when you can’t make it to your usual prenatal yoga class, or to get yourself on to the mat more often. And the birth videos are a truly great resource for women who have limited or no experience with birth. Experienced birth junkies will love them too because, well, they’re birth junkies!

Order the Be Blooma Well DVD here. Your lovely pregnant body will thank you!