Blooma Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

“This gorgeous, gifty book is the perfect pick-me-up for yourself or a pregnant friend. We love, too, that the stories represent a range of experiences, from natural births to C-section births.” … [Read more...]

Foreword Reviews

“…opens hearts to the possibility that one can choose a different, even alternative, parenting model and still be a good parent. … [Belly Button Bliss is] the perfect antidote to the scary headline-grabbing birth stories soon-to-be-mommies all too often hear.” … [Read more...]


Belly Button Bliss “promises to deliver lots of birth stories without the fear.” … [Read more...]

iVillage – Pregnancy & Parenting

“Celebrates the “up” moments of bringing a baby into the world — a welcome departure from the negative birth stories out there.” … [Read more...]

The International Childbirth Education Association

“This book is an excellent shower gift but beyond that I would even go so far as recommending it to doulas and especially childbirth educators." … [Read more...]