How to Wean Your Toddler

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A friend recently asked me about weaning her toddler. After 23 months of breastfeeding her second child, she was done. Her first child had weaned without fanfare, but her second continued to be quite attached. How to ease out of a long-term nursing relationship? While some mom & tot pairs could nurse on and on, it’s also normal for a woman to have a sense of being done, for having completed that phase of her relationship with her child. Finding new ways of relating to and enjoying your child, and discovering new aspects of parenting is one of the joys of raising … [Read more...]

Laughing and Lactating

Laughing and Lactating

True story: I recently saw a mama leak milk while laughing. There weren’t any babies around at the time, so that wasn’t the cause of her leak. In fact, we were laughing just for the sake of laughing when the lactating started. Has this happened to you? In this case, there were about 20 of us women circled up, all part of the Blooma Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. As part of a teaching exercise, we were practicing laughter yoga, with each woman taking a turn laughing intentionally. In other words, our laughter wasn’t fake, just not spontaneous. But as our laughs made their way … [Read more...]

World Breastfeeding Week: Encouragement for New Nursing Mamas


At last night’s prenatal yoga class, I asked the moms whether they planned to nurse. All hands flew up without hesitation. When I asked how many had a plan for nursing successfully, only one hand went up. Sure, some babies latch right on and the nursing relationship is bliss from the get-go, but that seems to be the exception! Attending a breastfeeding class while pregnant is a good start to a great breastfeeding experience.  Arranging a visit with a good lactation consultant right after birth—and then again as often as needed—is also smart. As World Breastfeeding Week, August 1 – 7, … [Read more...]

Help Set a Breastfeeding World Record!


World Breastfeeding Week, August 1 – 7, is still going strong! It’s awesome to see a positive celebration of such an important and sometimes challenging part of the mama-baby experience! Two new things to note this week: This Saturday at 10:30am (your local time), nursing mamas can help set a world record for the most mamas breastfeeding at once. Get the deets about the Big Latch On in my article at iVillage! Not too long ago, I also wrote about the MilkTruck over at iVillage. As follow-up note to “Hey, Anti-Breastfeeding Meanies: Shape Up or We'll Call the Milk Truck!” – Jill Miller … [Read more...]

World Breastfeeding Week: Holla!


Happy World Breastfeeding Week, mamas! The theme for this year’s celebration is communicating the value of breastfeeding, especially to kids, teens, and young adults, to help create more acceptance for nursing. One easy way to support that mission: Tell your children their breastfeeding story. Even if your little one stopped nursing at an early enough age that she won’t (or doesn’t) remember being nursed, you can still make it part of her childhood story. Ask what your little one remembers about nursing. Help evoke the details of feeling safe and secure in your arms, being nourished by milk … [Read more...]