Caramel! It’s What’s for Dinner


When I was pregnant the first time, the thought of food was so totally unappealing that I once came home from the grocery with nothing but a bag of Kraft caramels. My husband provided the nutritional logic: If I didn’t eat something soon, I’d end up in the hospital on a sugar drip anyway. Needless to say, this is not the nutritional advice expectant mothers ought to follow! Instead, for words to eat by, check out a short article I wrote over at iVillage: The advice from nutritionist Barbie Broschart Cervoni, MS, CD/N, RD, co-founder of, is geared toward vegetarian and … [Read more...]

Belly Love


The roundness of my belly has nothing to do with being pregnant, at least not now. Two-and-a-half years have passed since I last carried a child that way. … [Read more...]

Beautiful You


The last time I felt truly beautiful, I was nearly 9 months pregnant. Where my body loves to cling to the carbs I crave, instead a baby snuggled in the space of my belly. I felt so lovely that I never really noticed I’d developed a mild melasma, the mask of pregnancy, until I was a few days postpartum. I love remembering that sense of balancing between beauty and strength in my body. I’m searching for ways to get back to feeling that beautiful—without having to actually be 9 months pregnant again! Ah, body image. Such a raw topic for so many of us. So easy to come at it from the down … [Read more...]