Nashville Baby Fair: April 20th

Nashville Baby Fair 2013

Nashville moms-to-be & new mamas, join me Saturday April 20, 2013, for the Baptist Baby Fair. Sponsored by Nashville Parent magazine at Baptist Hospital, the Baby Fair will feature tons of prize giveaways! I'll be there to answer your questions about prenatal yoga and mama-baby yoga in Nashville. My friend Kari Jenkins, prenatal massage therapist & doula, will be there, too. Stop by our table for a chance to win the Target giftcards we're giving away! Saturday April 20, 2013 10am - 3pm Baptist Hospital, Nashville   … [Read more...]

Inspired: Doula Alisa Blackwood

Upgrade your daily routine with a dash of inspiration! Here’s a quick look at why women do the work they do! Meet the Woman: Alisa Blackwood, 36, mother of two, doula (works privately and as a volunteer doula), birth photographer, journalist, yoga teacher. Lives in Minneapolis. Birth advocate since 2007. Alisa, what inspired you to become a doula?  I'm lucky to have a mother who ADORED being pregnant. I grew up hearing about how beautiful she felt while pregnant—and in pictures she positively glowed—so I never thought of pregnancy as a time to feel fat or yucky. (Though I understand, … [Read more...]

New Birth Choices for Moms and Doulas


Pregnant moms and doulas in Nashville have a new option for birth support: Hospital-based doula programs are springing up at a couple hospitals around town. Free doulas?! Whether or not you love the idea, there are a wealth of considerations to be made beyond the price tag. Doula rates span quite a range, from about $300 to over $1000. To learn more about free-for-families hospital-based doulas, and volunteer doula programs in particular, I checked in with my friend and colleague Alisa Blackwood, a, volunteer in the Woodwinds Health Campus doula program in Minneapolis since 2007. A … [Read more...]

Birth in Nashville: ICAN’s Lindsey Seger

Nashville Childbirth Classes Lindsey Seger

Lindsey Seger, leader of Nashville’s International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) chapter, is deeply sympathetic to the anxiety many a woman has felt about childbirth. “The intimidation she feels from both the typical obstetrical model and the fervent natural birthers—my heart goes out to her!” says Lindsey, 33. That empathy stems from Lindsey’s own story, which spans both experiences. Her first birth was a scheduled Cesarean; her second was a drug-free, all-natural VBAC—vaginal birth after Cesarean. And as meaningful as that natural, vaginal birth was for the Hendersonville, Tenn., mom … [Read more...]

How to Wean Your Toddler

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A friend recently asked me about weaning her toddler. After 23 months of breastfeeding her second child, she was done. Her first child had weaned without fanfare, but her second continued to be quite attached. How to ease out of a long-term nursing relationship? While some mom & tot pairs could nurse on and on, it’s also normal for a woman to have a sense of being done, for having completed that phase of her relationship with her child. Finding new ways of relating to and enjoying your child, and discovering new aspects of parenting is one of the joys of raising … [Read more...]