Hello, June. Let’s Blog-a-Thon!


6-1-2013 Happy June, y'all! With the end of the school year, tornadoes pummeling my hometown, and a bunch of eclipses, May has been filled with big feelings. There has been a lot of letting go, and a lot of gearing up for the summer to come. Now feels like the time to take a deep breath, call in a lot of grace and ease, and open my arms to June ... summertime, weddings, babies, summer camp, and daylight that goes on and on and on. Yes! I'm also going to be spending a little more time here on the blog, at Mamahhh.com. For the past few years, I've participated in Michelle Rafter's … [Read more...]

From Supermom to Sane & Centered Mom

Marcy Axness Webinar

Guest post by Parenting for Peace author Marcy Axness *** This is your invitation to an empowering FREE webinar TODAY! *** "5 Tools for Transforming from Stressed Out to Sane & Centered" Wednesday, April 24 | 10am - 11:30am | Pacific It seems epidemic these days: an undercurrent of stress and anxiety thrums at the heart of parenting, even for the most "conscious" parents (and probably even more for the really conscious, attuned ones -- ever more conscious and attuned to our shortcomings!) How about you -- do you feel this parenting stress? Do you perpetually feel like you’re a … [Read more...]

Little Pickle Press: Mindful Storytime at Nashville’s Parnassus


Nashville's Parnassus Books hosts kids storytime every weekend, and we're particularly excited about this weekend's line-up! Mom, author, and publisher Rana DiOrio shares her approach to talking with little kids about big topics like mindfulness, environmental stewardship, global connection, and personal safety. Rana—chief executive pickle of Little Pickle Press—is a reformed lawyer and investment banker, an active private equity investor and entrepreneur supporter, a self-described lifelong learner, and a mom of three little pickles. Rana founded her children's publishing company in 2009 … [Read more...]

Motherhood Pains? 4 Ways to Feel Better


Birth changes you forever in myriad ways. Serious lifestyle changes demand your energy: Staying up all night nursing a baby, rather than say, nursing a sweet glass of wine with dinner. And then there are the physical changes—too numerous to list, really. Breasts, belly, lady parts, all so very, very different, although those changes are not all that unexpected. What can catch you by surprise are the random body aches and pains that come from bearing and raising children. Belly Button Bliss birth story contributor Kara Douglass Thom, who is the author of the book & blog Hot (Sweaty) … [Read more...]

Best Kids Learning Toys of 2012


When it comes to toys that teach, colorful paper and a plentiful supply of pens and markers win, hands down, at our house. The girls and I share a reason for making this our top pic: Parental supervision minimally required! Turns out we all love the freedom and ease that brings now that they are a bit older. And I love how ridiculously easy it is to set up that kind of art project :-) For our together time, we love puzzles. I admit, I'm not always super-excited about the “play with me, mommy!” request (ooohhh, I know I’m gonna regret that in a few years when I’m crying about how they want … [Read more...]