Our Quest to Create Family Traditions


Along with new motherhood came a realization that I wanted --and needed-- more tradition and ritual in my life. Growing up, my family ate dinner together nearly every night (thanks, mom and dad!). We managed a Great American Roadtrip every summer. And all the major holidays had their celebratory meals and family visits. The gist of some of those habits have carried over into my adult life. But there was a good 10+ year lull between my childhood life and creating my own family, and I've noticed a few gaps in our family rituals. So I've been searching for prayers, celebrations, and traditions … [Read more...]

Car Seat Crunch!


I am the conflicted owner of four car seats. My husband and I have two daughters (about two years apart) and two cars. We have always lived in car-oriented cities, and we both go go go a lot. So when we were expecting the kiddos and making gift wish lists, car seats were tops. We got a couple as gifts, and when we paid for the others, the pricetag did not escape our attention! So I’m reluctant to give up our car seat investment. But I am also really, really ready to have the flexibility, space, and ease that comes with booster seats. The back of my Accord is packed, y’all! Same in the … [Read more...]

Before the Birth Plan, A Pregnancy Plan


I’m worried about the state of birth in our society. Fewer doctors know what drug-free childbirth looks like. Vaginal births are on the decline in too many places. More moms think their care providers are going to educate them about childbirth during the already too-short appointments dedicated to checking on mom’s and baby’s prenatal health. And it feels a lot like we’re conceding birth as a medical event, rather than protecting it as the wholly natural and empowering experience it can be. Let’s be clear: I don’t believe the only “good” birth is a natural birth. I don’t think OBs are the … [Read more...]

What does Attachment Parenting look like for you?


A dynamic group of moms here in Nashville joined together a couple years ago to create the outdoor-loving Bambino Brigade. They’re a running, hiking, zoo-going, nature-center-loving bunch of mamas of young kiddos. They also connect over some great parenting conversation on their Facebook page and web message boards. One conversation in particular caught my attention last week, and the mamas gave their blessing to share it here. On the heels of the shocking “Are you mom enough?” TIME magazine cover –which looked to be exclusively about breastfeeding, but also took a broader look at … [Read more...]

Sacred and Sweet: Mama Baby Yoga {part 2 of 2}


Yesterday, we talked with mother-of-twins Jess Helle-Morrissey about her experience taking her infant boys to a mama-baby yoga class, called BYOB Bring Your Own Baby, at Blooma in Minneapolis. She shared about the connection to other moms, the thrill of seeing the boys’ weekly development, and getting to know her new-again postpartum body. Today, she’s back to talk about the surprisingly deep esoteric aspects of mama-baby yoga. Jess is a long-time yoga practitioner and a psychotherapist, and in the past year, she’s added doula, yoga teacher, and childbirth educator to that list. “I've been … [Read more...]