It’s Not the Month for Breast Cancer

Beating Breast Cancer

It's not the month for breast cancer. (It never is.) The disease gets a lot of press in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it has my full attention now. That's because my friend Julie is a BRCA+ woman, and she's made the wildly difficult decision to have a preventative mastectomy & reconstruction. On Wednesday. Julie is feeling smart about her decision to remove her boobs, and given her 87% chance of breast cancer, I couldn't agree more. Julie is 34, the mother of three young children, and the daughter of a breast cancer "previvor" (meaning her mom also had a prophylactic … [Read more...]

Parenting is simple. Just add love.


Parenting is simple. Not complicated, not complex. Not even all that multi-faceted. It requires one main ingredient: Your love, which is to say, your attention. That was the sage guidance from Karen Maezen Miller, Zen priest and Momma Zen author. She visited my town, Athens, Ga., this past weekend, all the way from the Hazy Moon Zen Center in California. Her workshop was Love Beyond Limits: The Spiritual Practice of Parenting. Notice that Maezen didn’t say parenting was easy! Simple, yes. Easy? Not even for Maezen, she admitted. Which, I admit, made me feel better. (Hey, if it’s rough … [Read more...]

36 Hours of Radical Self-Care: A Ritual

Two burning hearts

Every Sunday afternoon, I sit with a group of wonderful women to do the work of honoring each other’s lives, dreams, loves, and creations. We’re guided by womanspace founder Baraka Elihu and her book Birthing Ourselves into Being, which is a 12-month metaphorical experience of the birthing year. A lot of what I share here at is inspired by the experience I have in that wise woman circle. (And I will write more about women’s circles soon; I truly can’t imagine my life without that support!) This month, the wise woman “homework” was to enact a ritual that honors a “birth” I’ve … [Read more...]

Family Living … Abroad!

Family Living Abroad

It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “What do you wish to try?” Someday, someway, somehow, I'd like to try to live abroad with my family. Not long -- 6 months, maybe a year. A sabbatical to immerse us in another language, another culture, another way of living in community, and another way of relating with each other as a family. I envision such a sabbatical giving our family a memorable, meaningful experience together, sweetly knitting together our binding ties with love and a little spirit of adventure. I see our children being old enough … [Read more...]

Post-Holiday Blahs


Oh moms, oh interwebs, oh moms on the interwebs, I am mired in a no-good stuck-in-the-muck gray-day funk. My favorite websites are not helping. My favorite facebook feeds can't seem to give me a boost. Funny storytelling bloggers can't relieve me of these blahs. Being nice to others isn't helping. My favorite breakfast smoothie didn't do the trick. Ugh. Post-holiday hangover blahs (not an alcohol hangover, mind you. That would be easy!). Blahdey blah blahs. Plus, I was a momster to my sweet, amazing, beautiful, smart, creative, funny daughter this morning, and I just can't shake the funk … [Read more...]