The Trouble with Bed Rest

A pregnant mama I know was recently put on bed rest by her doctor. I cringe a little when moms-to-be say they're on bed rest, because doctors have known for ages that there's no solid, consistent evidence that bed rest improves birth outcomes. And in the past few weeks, there have been reports that bed rest may actually make things worse. If you are prescribed bed rest, consider that this could be a moment to move deeper into an empowered pregnancy experience for you and your baby. Do your research, practice informed consent/informed refusal, and respectfully request a deeper conversation … [Read more...]

Katy Bowman on the Sexy Back Encore!


Ladies, Go right now to the Sexy Back Summit for Encore Day! Katy Bowman's session "The Painful Pelvis, the Paleo Pelvis, and Sex." is online FREE for TODAY 5/25/13 ONLY! {{UPDATE! Extended to 5/26, plus more from the Sexy Back Summit at }} Katy is a mother, and a wicked smart biomechanical scientist, and --bonus!-- she is darn funny. Katy is a Pelvic Floor Specialist who got her start in grad school talking about "vaginal expulsion," which may be the most fabulously nerdy way ever of saying "giving birth." My introduction's to Katy's work … [Read more...]

Nashville Baby Fair: April 20th

Nashville Baby Fair 2013

Nashville moms-to-be & new mamas, join me Saturday April 20, 2013, for the Baptist Baby Fair. Sponsored by Nashville Parent magazine at Baptist Hospital, the Baby Fair will feature tons of prize giveaways! I'll be there to answer your questions about prenatal yoga and mama-baby yoga in Nashville. My friend Kari Jenkins, prenatal massage therapist & doula, will be there, too. Stop by our table for a chance to win the Target giftcards we're giving away! Saturday April 20, 2013 10am - 3pm Baptist Hospital, Nashville   … [Read more...]

Birth in Nashville: ICAN’s Lindsey Seger

Nashville Childbirth Classes Lindsey Seger

Lindsey Seger, leader of Nashville’s International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) chapter, is deeply sympathetic to the anxiety many a woman has felt about childbirth. “The intimidation she feels from both the typical obstetrical model and the fervent natural birthers—my heart goes out to her!” says Lindsey, 33. That empathy stems from Lindsey’s own story, which spans both experiences. Her first birth was a scheduled Cesarean; her second was a drug-free, all-natural VBAC—vaginal birth after Cesarean. And as meaningful as that natural, vaginal birth was for the Hendersonville, Tenn., mom … [Read more...]

Prenatal Yoga Happy Hour

Pregnancy mocktail

Not too long ago, there was a study suggesting pregnant moms could safely drink more than a half-dozen drinks a week. I enjoyed the occasional sip of wine while pregnant, but I can hardly imagine 6+!! (I’m not judging if you do; it’s just that I would have been snoozing my way through drinks 2 through 6!) How did you change your drinking habits during pregnancy? Was there something you couldn’t live without? A drink you never missed? Mocktails or decaf? Share your favorite mocktails recipes! I’d love to give them a try at the Prenatal Yoga Mamahhhs Happy Hour I’m hosting in a couple … [Read more...]