The Big News: How did you announce your pregnancy?


Last week, I found out that one of my former prenatal yoga students, Buffy, will soon be back on the mat: She and her husband are expecting their second little one. Her reveal was pretty spectacular, I thought. She broke the news to her friends on Facebook by sharing a video that captured the moment when she tells her mother she's pregnant again. The video of her mom is the sweetest thing, and it had me all teared up. Here's how Buffy broke the news to her mom: I love when her mom says, “No wonder you look so beautiful!” What a great mom! What a great gift from her … [Read more...]

Birthing Inspiration


For this week's Inspiration Workshop, Gussy Sews wants to know: What inspires? I owe a little apology to the mamas attending my prenatal yoga classes the past few months: I've been slacking on the soundtrack, which means I've been coming up short on bringing a little inspiration to your birthing day. My ipod and I have been having a mini-standoff of sorts (oh, tech and tunes, you are not my forté!), and so I have been missing one of my favorite artists: Snatam Kaur. The heavenly voice of Snatam is always a favorite among prenatal mamas. Her Grace album, in particular, is truly divine. … [Read more...]

And the Winner is…


Congratulations to Shoshanah Blaiss, who won this week's Birth Goddess charm giveaway. Shoshanah shared what gave her confidence during her birth experience: "The thing that gave me the most confidence during my recent (May 14) VBAC was knowing a lot of women had my back! The mamas of ICAN of Atlanta, the members of the yahoo groups for HBAC and Hypnobabies, and the women who participated in my blessingway were all very much present during the amazing and transformative experience. And, of course, my two awesome doulas had a lot to do with it as well! They all believed in me, and it … [Read more...]

Birth with Confidence

Birth with Confidence

This week here at Mamahhh, moms and moms-to-be shared their thoughts about what gave them confidence for labor and birth. From ipods to Ina May, here's wishing you the confidence you need for a beautiful birth! ~xoxox, jenni A couple things gave me confidence during the labor and birth of my twins in January of this year. The first was a really comprehensive Lamaze class. I felt totally prepared and confident in my ability to labor and give birth the way I wanted after 4 weeks of class. The second was my labor support team – my two amazing doulas, my loving husband, and my kind and … [Read more...]

Prepare for Birth? You can with ICAN.


This evening I had the privilege of attending and speaking at our local ICAN of Athens meeting here in northeast Georgia. I joined forces with registered dietitian Marion Boyd, and we talked about prenatal eating and exercise. I’ll share more about that next week, but first, I wanted to put in a plug for ICAN. The short version: If you're pregnant, check out an ICAN meeting! I’d been meaning to attend one of their meetings for quite some time, and my schedule, intentions, and ambition just never seemed to line up. So I was grateful for the invitation to join the meeting tonight. Here’s … [Read more...]