Allison’s Blessingway

Allison's Blessingway

Oh how I love a blessingway! My friend Allison is just a few weeks from becoming a mother again, to a second little boy. She’s a woman of deep Southern roots, roots that have borne spiritual blossoms. Allison is a chiropractor with a healing touch, and more than once I’ve had profound energetic experiences at her hands as she’s woven Reiki into our sessions. Given how she's grounded, it wasn’t a surprise when she mentioned an interest in a Blessingway to complement the traditional baby shower she’d generously been given by her family. Since I'd had to miss her shower, I was delighted and … [Read more...]

Paid Family Leave?


Can you imagine not having to worry about your job or your paycheck—for you or your spouse—during those first few months of your baby’s life? No “extreme budgeting” for six months or even a year? Nah, I couldn’t imagine it either, and the recent “Failing Our Families” report from Human Rights Watch confirms why: The US ranks terribly among the world’s countries when it comes to providing paid leave for new families. Sadly, the news isn’t all that surprising, considering only 10 percent of private sector workers are assured paid time off for maternity or paternity leave. What was … [Read more...]

Caramel! It’s What’s for Dinner


When I was pregnant the first time, the thought of food was so totally unappealing that I once came home from the grocery with nothing but a bag of Kraft caramels. My husband provided the nutritional logic: If I didn’t eat something soon, I’d end up in the hospital on a sugar drip anyway. Needless to say, this is not the nutritional advice expectant mothers ought to follow! Instead, for words to eat by, check out a short article I wrote over at iVillage: The advice from nutritionist Barbie Broschart Cervoni, MS, CD/N, RD, co-founder of, is geared toward vegetarian and … [Read more...]