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Wise Woman Circle :: May 8th :: Dear Mother


Gather with us for a seasonal Wise Woman Circle to celebrate & contemplate mothering in all its expressions. This Circle is open to all women ~ we all carry within us the creative nurturing ability to mother. Join in for this grassroots evening of holding sacred space, simple conversation, and gently listening in to the truths and questions of each woman's heart, mind, and spirit. Circle is facilitated by Jenni Derryberry Mann, mother, yoga teacher, life coach, and women's circle devotee. If you've been craving community, feeling isolated, or considering connecting through some of … [Read more...]

Mother’s Circle ~ February 6, 2014

Join us for a tender, candle-lit evening of conversation & connection around creativity & change. We will muse on Creativity as a compassionate pathway to sweeter relationships with our children, partner, extended family, and friends. Motherhood necessitates invention; our evening will connect us with our intuitive ability to create loving, lasting change for the good of our hearts and homes. The wise woman mother's circle is a unique opportunity for personal & community-centered transformation, buoyed by the safe & authentic support that a grass-roots circle of women … [Read more...]

Nurture Yourself with A Yoga Nap

Nashville yoga nidra for mothers

Napping has never come easily to me, even when I was just. so. tired. during the early months of being a new mama. Finally, in my 7th year of parenting, I’ve gotten the hang of napping—or at least a version of it. Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, blends elements of napping and meditation in one short session. That’s why it’s one of my go-to personal practices for taking care of my heart and my spirit.Yoga nidra guides you through a passive whole-body relaxation, from your toe tips to the top of your head. Ideally, you do this practice in comfortable clothes on a yoga mat. I tend to rest … [Read more...]

Will GoldieBlox Put Stars in Her Eyes?


When we moved to Nashville, one of the considerations in choosing our daughters' school was picking a place that supported our then-5-year-old's interest in math. (We found our school home in the Montessori tradition.) I wasn't about to do *anything* that would take away from a little girl's love of math! So when I saw this awesome video of girls rocking out in support of STEM fun, I was hooked! GoldieBlox looks like girl-genius to me! When the grandparents start asking for holiday gift ideas, we're all set! Mamas, what are your kiddos' favorite science, technology, engineering & math … [Read more...]