Safe Summer Sun Fun

Safe Sunscreen for Baby and Kids

As we roll full on into summer fun, my pale-skinned kiddos resist the long-sleeved light t-shirts I'd really love them to wear. And so the question of sunscreen comes up. What to put all over their tender skin? I was thrilled to see the Badger line topping the list over at Safe Mama -- we're familiar with that one, and it's pretty easy to find. Check out what other sunscreens are recommended and why (SafeMama keeps a close watch over the ingredient list!). Let us know in the comments which sunblocks are your faves. Shine on, mamahhhs!   … [Read more...]

Mama Blog TLC

TL Catholic

I'm so excited to share a guest post from mama blog TLCatholic later this week! She'll be sharing her birth story (although I hear she's having a hard time choosing which of the four to share!) She's a ... 30-something once-convent-aspiring multipara; raised in the charismatic movement as a child; homeschooled through high school; graduate of small conservative college, majoring in Theology, English, while learning aliquis Latin; international student and European traveler with husband; RA and Crohn’s fighter; Montessori teacher, editor, quasi-journalist and photographer, now at-home … [Read more...]

Body Image and My Sweet 6-year-old


Sitting in the doctor’s office waiting area, I notice that my 6 year old has picked up a copy of Us Weekly. She is fixated on the beautiful starlets in their gala gowns. “You know what the funny thing is about those pictures?” I ask. “What?” “Every one of those pictures was put into a computer and made to look like a perfect drawing instead of a real woman,” I say, keeping my tone easy. “You know how many people it took to get the ladies ready for their pictures?” “How many?” she inquires. “Oh, so many,” I say. “One to fix her hair. One to do her makeup. Someone else to pick out … [Read more...]

Best Kids Learning Toys of 2012


When it comes to toys that teach, colorful paper and a plentiful supply of pens and markers win, hands down, at our house. The girls and I share a reason for making this our top pic: Parental supervision minimally required! Turns out we all love the freedom and ease that brings now that they are a bit older. And I love how ridiculously easy it is to set up that kind of art project :-) For our together time, we love puzzles. I admit, I'm not always super-excited about the “play with me, mommy!” request (ooohhh, I know I’m gonna regret that in a few years when I’m crying about how they want … [Read more...]

Shortcut to Memory Lane


I would love to be the mom who makes the scrapbooks, records all the milestones, and keeps all the childhood memories crystal clear. Alas, this is not my calling. Oh, I try. I have the materials, the scrapbooks, the clear plastic containers with a heap of artwork and notes scrawled with things like "First step!"--and no indication of which child or which date. And with two kiddos, that's a problem. Moms like me need a scrapbooking shortcut. I've found two that work for me: 1. Take a picture. Capture the ease and expertise of your digital camera or phone camera. With their instant editing … [Read more...]