Better Brain for Baby? Try the Mommy Mind Meld!


In her new book Parenting for Peace, early childhood development specialist Dr. Marcy Axness offers us this idea and this challenge: What would it take to raise a generation of peacemakers? The simple answer is that it requires we practice peace ourselves, in front of and with our children. And if you’ve ever lost your mind and been angry with your child after a sleepless night, or the thousandth “mommy can I…” or, well, just because, then you know that the simple answer isn’t an easy one! I’ve about decided that every parenting book I’ve appreciated comes down to one thing: Practice … [Read more...]

The Cake that Love Baked


So about that cake. We made it, but Spring Break is not proving to be cake. Or, maybe it's that yesterday was exactly like the cake we baked (yep, that's it in the photo)! Here's what happened on our Spring Break Monday: The kids prepped and mixed all the dry ingredients. And then I raced the clock to make the frosting while the cake cooked and cooled. (The frosting recipe was about three times as big as what we needed.) All this rushing was so we could deliver the cake as a surprise for my husband, in honor of our 7th anniversary, at lunchtime. A very late … [Read more...]

Spring Break: This is Gonna be Cake, Right?

Mamahhh-Spring Break is Cake

Happy Spring Break week! Given the weekend, it’s actually Day 3 for “Camp Mommy” and the deep breathing to keep my cool for 9 days of all-day parenting has begun! (Full-time stay-at-home mamas, I bow! And, please send ideas!) The plan for Camp Mommy is to fill the week with creative activities as much for my enjoyment as for the kids’. One of the greatest gifts of my pregnancy and motherhood journey over the past 6 or so years has been finding may way back to a love of artsy and crafty things for the pure pleasure of creating. By any kind of cultural standards, I’m no artiste, but playing … [Read more...]

Losing It, for Love

Mamahhh Snuggle Bugs

Last night, not long after Mother Earth tipped her heart toward a season of light, my daughters slipped into bed with me. Through sleepy eyes, I read 2am on the clock. We easily went back to dreaming until the 7s, when daylight drew us from beneath the sheets. We lingered, waiting until there was less than an hour, less than a half-hour, until we absolutely had to burst forth into the morning. We were blossoms celebrating the first day of spring. With incredible efficiency, we moved through the first morning rituals. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the little one. Cheerios for the … [Read more...]

Missing Memories

Missing Memories

If I thought I had any handle whatsoever on the practice of nonattachment, today said otherwise. I’ve been using an online backup service for the past few years, and it’s worked out really well for me. Today, though, I had quite the scare. I went to restore a bunch of files that were wiped out when my laptop’s operating system was updated. I’d known the files would be deleted from my laptop, but I wasn’t worried, because of my trusty backup service. Restoring the files would be a cinch. But before I could restore the last batch of files, my automatic backup kicked in, saving all my new … [Read more...]