25 Reasons to Clear the Clutter


I’ve always had a special way with clutter. We stick together—especially if office supplies and paper are involved. My college roommate practically deserves sainthood for the number of times she helped me box up pencils, pens, and paperclips, and more and more of them each time we moved. (Jen Anderson, I'll never be able to thank you enough!) But since becoming a mother, clutter has become more than a sticking point. When I’m overly stressed or sleep-deprived, clutter turns my irritation into a seriously dark mood. Suddenly, I can see only the flaws and the junk and everything wrong with my … [Read more...]

The Mother of All Detoxes (Cleanse 2.0)

mamahhh_2011-0509 Asparagus2

Today, I’m on a mission to restore my health. A croupy yet goopy cough has settled in to my chest, my nose is leaking  like a faucet, and my body aches with fatigue despite a solid 8 hours of sleep last night. Gross. My plan for the cure? I’m going to eat my way out of this. A couple months ago, I spent 4 weeks on the Clean program, cleaning up my diet and helping my body clear toxins. I dropped 8 pounds—and fabulous as that was, it was just a fringe benefit to the gift I got during Week 2: My body cleared a persistent cough that had lingered more than 4 months. Big doses of Mucinex and … [Read more...]

Heart of Love

mamahhh_2011-0508 MothersDay

My heart aches a bit today, as I hear and see how hard Mother’s Day is for so many dear women, for so many reasons ... Mothers who did not love us the way we needed to be loved. Husbands who struggle to know what makes our hearts sing. Children who seem oblivious to the gift beyond gifts we offer. Mothers who live on only in memory. For all mothers, the ones who are celebrated well today and especially the dear ones among us who are not, I offer this from my heart to yours: Happy Mother’s Day. For all you do, for all you are becoming, for the mother you are in your best moments, blessed … [Read more...]

Let’s Write Poetry!


Motherhood has its moments—and sometimes they are long ones—of zapping your energy and depleting your creativity. Sometimes, I find a little cure in trying a new or unusual activity. And that’s the inspiration behind today’s invitation. Will you write a motherhood haiku? I know. I don’t really write poetry either. (And if you do write poetry, I admire your creativity!) A long time ago, I was a prolific creatress of angsty teen poetry, but pragmatism has long since dug her deep roots into my psyche. So I’ve been seeking out more magic and playfulness, because, really, why not?! I’ve also … [Read more...]

And the Winner is…

Book Giveaway: The Happiest Mom

Congrats to Jen, chosen by a random number generator as the winner of The Happiest Mom book giveaway! Extra congratulations are also in order because Jen became a mom, for the second time, with the birth of her son Samuel on Thursday, May 5th! Thanks to everyone who commented on the interview with author Meagan Francis. Here's a recap of some of the things, based on moms' personal experiences, that help make for happier households (and possibly brilliant Mother's Day gifts! :-) ... What makes me tick and what helps me be a better mom is taking quiet time to read and journal. It worked … [Read more...]