Wise Woman Circle: The Edge of …

New Years Resolutions Nashville Womens Circle

For the past few years, my dreams have offered me a word for the new year. A few years ago, it was "enough." "Encircled" and "engaged" have anchored my resolutions, too. So far, the dream goddesses are holding out on me for 2013, but "edge" seemed a fitting theme for the first seasonal woman's circle of the year. Join me in Nashville's Berry Hill neighborhood on Friday, January 11, at 6pm, and we'll consider... As we step forward into new possibilities, what edges are you playing as you envision the year ahead? Are there thresholds to cross? Initiations to experience? What is the allure of … [Read more...]

Meditating Mama: 100 Days!

Mama Meditation

For 1 month about 10 years ago, I had a daily meditation practice. It was required as part of my yoga teacher training, and though I didn’t mind it, it didn’t do much for me at the time. We sat every morning, and truthfully, I dozed through a lot of those sits. The room was warm, it was early, I got drowsy and dreamy and a little slumpy in my seat. Mostly, I felt I should meditate, but guilt has never been a huge motivator for me. And so, I didn’t. Nearly a decade later, I have a marriage, two kids, and all the stuff that comes with a life full of relationships and responsibilities. And … [Read more...]

You’re Invited! Nashville’s 2013 Weekly Women’s Circle

Nashville women's circle 2013

{11.21.12. update ~ this circle now has a waitlist. Email me at jennifer.derryberry.mann @ gmail.com if you'd like to be added to it.} Do you sense how your life would sparkle, if you could just clear the cobwebs? Do you crave a deeper experience of your unique, innate gifts? Do you yearn for a heartfelt connection with other women who will witness your transformation? Can you imagine self-care and compassion as spiritual practice? Do you feel called to shift, heal, reveal something in your life, to birth yourself into being? You are called to join the circle! It's time to … [Read more...]

One Year, One Circle, One Commitment


The momentum is building for a year-long women’s circle here in Nashville! Based on the book Birthing Ourselves into Being, by Baraka Elihu, this weekly women’s circle has the potential to make your dreams crystal clear, seriously & sweetly upgrade your self-care, and create lasting bonds with other women. I experienced this circle with 9 other women in Athens, Georgia, in 2011. Our group was facilitated by Baraka at womanspace. For me, connecting in a shared sacred space with a dedicated group of women week after week enriched my life spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Time … [Read more...]

A year-long women’s circle in Nashville


I’d been feeling spiritually disconnected for awhile, a few years at least. So when I heard about the 2011 Birthing Ourselves into Being circle, I thought it sounded like just the thing  to juice my Sunday afternoons. I had no idea! The year-long circle reignited my commitment to spiritual practice through poignant readings and the kind of truth-speaking that quickens your pulse. The women in the circle—there were 9 of us—held a space of compassion and encouragement for me so I could step into a better way of being, even when I had to make the trip more than once. One big change for me: I … [Read more...]