How to Meditate


My friend Laura visited for a couple days this week, and she reminded me of something I experienced a few months ago: Meditation practice is simple. I got that message from Zen priest Karen Maezen Miller, too, in her blog post “A Glimpse of Mindfulness.” Laura said she’s been meditating for about 15 minutes each day, and lately, she’s noticed that she’s longing for even more time in meditation. That was all the reminder I needed. A few months ago, I set a pretty-sounding alarm on my phone for just 5 minutes. I put my bum in a chair, feet on the floor, my hands in my lap, my spine up … [Read more...]

My Vision Board: More Bravos Make You Smile


Eight of us mamas sprawled on the floor of my living room, magazines, scissors, and glitter pens strewn about. We pored over words and images, searching for just the right ones to express hopes, dreams, questions, and answers for the rest of the year to come. We worked intently on our vision boards, with spirits and hopes high, moving easily between reflective quiet and a month’s worth of conversation. We’d intended this project would happen at one of our first monthly meetings of the year, but in our circle, three mamas have had babies in the past 3 months, four of us are nursing little … [Read more...]

Spiritual Progress, Please


It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “What do you wish to make progress on?” I wish to make progress on discovering spiritual rituals of connection and meaning for my family. I dabble at meditation. I found a little inspiration in picking up sticks earlier this week (and I did it again today!). Some egg visioning and decorating projects earlier this year hinted at meaningful moments that I'd like to repeat in the spring. Yoga is a regular practice for me, but not one that yet extends --consistently, anyway-- to my family. So I'm staying open, … [Read more...]

Baby, You’re a Firework


OK, OK, it's a bit cute for the 4th of July, but sometimes pop culture serves it up just right. So go on: ignite your light, and let it shine. There's wisdom in that, cliché or not. Enjoy the day, mamas, and shine brightly for those who love you. Show them what you're worth. Dare to be the sparkling, exciting, amazing example of the kind of life you hope your little ones will live! … [Read more...]

A Practice Worth Sticking With?

A practice worth sticking with

Yesterday, in the heat of the afternoon sun, my husband and I picked up sticks in the front yard. We worked a solid half-hour, and though we saw some progress—two trash barrels full—we were nowhere near done. (Our children were blissed out on air conditioning and an episode of Caillou while we worked to get the hang of this, us with our gray thumbs.) As I picked up sticks, I slid into a bit of a meditation. I had a single point of focus, and stick by stick, my mind began unwinding its usual knot of thoughts. I struggled a bit to get comfortable. Then, following the stick-picking rhythm like … [Read more...]