My Gardening Karma is Squirrelly


Maybe it’s the sparkling shine of summer on my children’s darling little faces or just a phase my girls are going through, but they are The Cutest Kids in the World these days. Even when I’m losing my cool, I have a huge crush on them. So this morning, I was feeling exceptionally crush-y about my cuties and really proud about these beautiful petunias we’ve grown in pots on our front porch. The girls and I have been working together (let’s do teamwork!) to water the plants each morning. They take turns with the watering can, sharing the splashing and the sense of accomplishment. And it’s … [Read more...]

Allison’s Blessingway

Allison's Blessingway

Oh how I love a blessingway! My friend Allison is just a few weeks from becoming a mother again, to a second little boy. She’s a woman of deep Southern roots, roots that have borne spiritual blossoms. Allison is a chiropractor with a healing touch, and more than once I’ve had profound energetic experiences at her hands as she’s woven Reiki into our sessions. Given how she's grounded, it wasn’t a surprise when she mentioned an interest in a Blessingway to complement the traditional baby shower she’d generously been given by her family. Since I'd had to miss her shower, I was delighted and … [Read more...]

Spring Ritual: Technicolor Tie-Dyed Eggs


Just a few weeks ago, our family was celebrating the sweetness of spring and enjoying Easter weekend, which was truly a gift this year. Our daughters, nearing 5 and 3, are waking up to ritual and traditions. So this spring, we celebrated the way life renews, with color bursting forth in the springtime, as though cells and stuffs and the Earth itself are deliriously grateful for a world in full bloom. The littles didn't quite say it that way, of course. Our version: technicolor tie-dyed eggs. After my daughter discovered an egg art project I’d done earlier this year, I promised her we’d make … [Read more...]

And the Winner Is…

2011-0511 Literacyhead

Congrats to Liz who became a LiteracyHead today! Liz won a one-year subscription to, the online visual arts magazine for teaching literacy to school-aged children. Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite childhood books when they entered the Literacyhead giveaway contest. Here's a list of mama-recommended reads for your little ones: Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss -- recommended by Alicia as a great first favorite Eric Carle’s “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? -- recommended by Monira as her 1-year-old daughter's current fave Cars and Trucks … [Read more...]

The Art of Teaching—and a Giveaway!

2011-0511 Literacyhead

I was raised by a teacher who was also a reader, and perhaps because of that I have always loved books. My husband loves his books so much that we have boxes and boxes of them (and we’re in the process of finding a place where we can enjoy them in our home daily—exciting!), and our children seem to be book lovers as well. At some point, I also remember loving art, but that faded over time. Now, as I marvel at the creations my kids bring home from school, I’m feeling that spark again. (In fact, reading, writing, and art have helped me reconnect with my sense of spirit this year -- it's a daily … [Read more...]