A Father’s Birth Story: Todd Awaits Akasha


A mother surely experiences a rite of passage as she births her baby from womb to world. She journeys from womanhood to motherhood, and her life is altered in the most incredible ways. So too the journey for a father, who holds the honored space of Witness. Along the passage from manhood to fatherhood, there is little action a man can take. There is nothing to fix. There is little to fetch. But there is plenty for him to do: Watching, waiting, witnessing the mother of his child, a father’s awe and encouragement for the birthing woman fortifies the sacred space where his child enters the world. … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Baraka’s Unfolding


Happy Monday, beloveds. I hope you’re still basking in the glow of Mother’s Day. Make yourself a cup of tea, let the cool breeze dance through your window, and enjoy this truly lyrical story of the day a woman gave herself over to the rite of passage of becoming a mother. I love the way my friend and mentor Baraka has with words, and the way she tells the story of her natural, nearly unassisted homebirth is sweet indeed. Tomorrow, her husband, Todd, will share his recollection of the day their daughter, Akasha, arrived Earthside. —xoxox jenni   The First Letter I Wrote to My … [Read more...]

Sacred Ceremony

Mama Bridget and Baby Liam, Halloween 2008

After years of witnessing other women bring babies into the world as a doula, I wanted my birth time to be a sacred ceremony. So I chose to birth at home, with midwives and a birth coach. On April 28, one week past our “guess date,” I was on my yoga mat, rolling around on my exercise ball. I’d had some contractions, and I was anxious to get things under way. Suddenly I heard a loud pop—and my water broke, gushing all over the yoga mat. I called my dear yoga teacher, Ana Forrest, and spoke with her as I waited for my “team” to arrive. When my midwives checked me, I was 3 centimeters … [Read more...]