Birth Story: A Whole New Person is in the World

Birth Story: A Whole New Person is in the World

Mama: Julie Moon Baby: Scarlett, born February 28 at 11:11am, 8 pounds 13 ounces, 21 3/4 inches Excerpted from Belly Button Bliss:  A Small Collection of Happy Birth Stories I awake around 3:45 a.m. on my due date with contractions about six minutes apart. A terrible storm rages outside. I call my mother and my best friend, Stephanie, to give them time enough to arrive for Scarlett’s birth. My husband, Joe, is awake too, fixing a snack. My son, Jackson, is cozy and safe at his grandparents’ house, where he’d gone to spend the night when I recognized the signs of early labor the … [Read more...]

Sacred Ceremony

Mama Bridget and Baby Liam, Halloween 2008

After years of witnessing other women bring babies into the world as a doula, I wanted my birth time to be a sacred ceremony. So I chose to birth at home, with midwives and a birth coach. On April 28, one week past our “guess date,” I was on my yoga mat, rolling around on my exercise ball. I’d had some contractions, and I was anxious to get things under way. Suddenly I heard a loud pop—and my water broke, gushing all over the yoga mat. I called my dear yoga teacher, Ana Forrest, and spoke with her as I waited for my “team” to arrive. When my midwives checked me, I was 3 centimeters … [Read more...]

I Can’t Do This! I CAN Do This!

Early in my first pregnancy, I set my sights on a natural birth. But when I learned at my twenty-week sonogram that I was having twins, I knew my risk for having a Cesarean section increased to greater than 50 percent. Aside from devouring every book I could find about twin pregnancy, I assembled my dream team for birth: an OB who had given birth naturally to twins, an experienced doula, and, of course, my husband. My pregnancy went so well that at thirty-eight weeks, my cervix was still shut tight. As much as I had hoped to go into labor spontaneously, I knew a scheduled induction … [Read more...]