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Prenatal Yoga in Nashville

Build your strength, physically and emotionally, for birth as a rite of passage. Whether you are preparing for a drug-free birth, counting on an epidural, wondering about a Cesarean birth, or planning for a VBAC, you are warmly welcomed and deeply supported here.
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  • TUESDAYS 5:30pm-6:45pm
  • WEDNESDAYS 10:30am-11:45am
    at Sanctuary for Yoga in Green Hills, Nashville TN
    (ongoing, dropins welcome, check studio website for pricing)


Mommy & Me Yoga – Nashville

A fully integrated mama-baby Yoga Bonding sequence ideal for infants til about 8 months. Crying babies, breastfeeding, bottles, loveys, and stinky diapers always welcome :-) Lots of TLC and great community for new moms!

  • Wednesdays, Noon to 1pm, at Sanctuary for Yoga in Green Hills, Nashville
    (ongoing, dropins welcome, check studio website for pricing)

Self-Care for Women

  • Wise Woman’s Circle ::seasonal conversations::
    The wise woman circle gathers us into a shared space of authentic support for inspiration, celebration, and collective transformation. We listen closely to hear the wisdom in each woman’s story. We soften our gaze to see each woman’s beauty. We offer gratitude to each woman for the thoughtful conversation & inspiration shared in the circle. Details on facebook | Check the calendar for dates!


Couples Prenatal Yoga for Birth

A great way for parents-to-be to connect, communicate, and tune in to baby, together. A shared yoga practice, time to practice hands-on comfort measures, and empowering, accessible communication practices help moms- and dads-to-be prepare for the transformation from couple to family. Offered quarterly; check the calendar for dates!


Forrest Yoga for Everyone

All levels welcome; men & women welcome. Emphasis on core strengthening, better breathing,  and going deeper to connect fully to your body and your sense of spirit. Breathe better, feel better! Connect what shows up on your mat to what plays out in your life.

  • private instruction available

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