Couples Prenatal Yoga for Birth

Relax, connect, and share yoga with your partner in this uplifting and empowering get-ready-for-birth workshop. We’ll practice breathing, moving, and meditating for greater comfort and deeper connection. Partners will practice hands-on comfort measures for birth and get constructive feedback from mom-to-be about what works and what doesn’t (every mama is different!). Some easy journaling and simple communication techniques will also help bring you closer together as parents and as partners preparing to welcome baby into your family. Ideal as last-minute preparation for birth, a refresher course, or a what-have-we-gotten-ourselves-into?! conversation starter.

Light snacks provided. Please bring a notebook, pen, and yoga mat.
If you need a yoga mat, please let me know! Dress for movement.
No yoga experience necessary. $135/couple.

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