Forrest Yoga for Self-Care

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Forrest Yoga is named for its creatress Ana Forrest. It is the kind of healing-path yoga that comes from knowing deep wounds, and that is a story Ana tells beautifully and powerfully in her memoir Fierce Medicine. Rather than remain a victim to abuse and neglect, Ana trailblazed a warrior’s path, and she offers that path as a healing tradition that serves all people, no matter the depths of their wounds. Whether you’re working to heal lifelong trauma or working out what feel like same-old same-old limiting habits and patterns, Forrest Yoga offers a lifeline to your integrity, your strength, and your spirit.

As Ana explains it:

“I developed Forrest Yoga as I was working through my own healing. I took poses and modified or created new ones to address today’s lifestyle ailments such as lower and upper back pain, neck and shoulder issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, intestinal disorders. In this quest, I also recognized my own loss of Spirit. Something I see in others – this modern day sense of bereft Spirit.”

The foundation of a Forrest Yoga practice is connection to your breath and to your core. Each class is based on a consistent underlying structure: intention, breath, warming up, core connection, deepening asana, apex poses, warming down, savasana. From there, a class sequence can be customized to take you deep into a specific category of poses (backbends or inversions or twists…), or deep into a theme (building strength or feeling joy or practicing struggle-free…).

Forrest Yoga doesn’t require that you already have great strength or great flexibility. The practice asks that you bring your best quality of attention and a willingness to go deeper. Some days, “going deeper” is emotional healing. Some days, “going deeper” is working smart around an injury. Other days, “going deeper” is taking a pose to a new edge.

What’s always radical, no matter how practiced you are? The heartfelt act of breathing and feeling. Breathe and feel. Breathe better, feel better. That’s the medicine of Forrest Yoga.

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