Mama-Baby Postnatal Yoga Bonding

Check out the schedule of weekly postnatal mama-baby yoga classes in Nashville TN.

Postnatal Mama-Baby Yoga Bonding is a baby-integrated yoga sequence that is a fun, uplifting way for grown-ups and their babies to build trust, confidence, and love together. This fully integrated mama-baby Yoga Bonding sequence is ideal for infants from birth til about 8 months. Crying babies, breastfeeding, bottles, loveys, and stinky diapers always welcome! :-) The class includes lots of TLC and great community for new moms!

Week to week, we practice a consistent sequence so that mom can keep her focus on how baby is responding to the class, feeling that day, and changing week to week. The class begins with a shared intention for mom & baby to deepen their connection with each other. A snuggle and a kiss lets baby know how much mama loves her little one. Then, the class goes into movement and massage for baby. These encourage good digestion, circulation, and elimination. Next, mom moves to Sun Salutations to get her energy balanced and flowing. Suns are modified to keep mom & baby connecting with one another through eye contact, voice, and gentle touch. Standing partner poses bring baby into mama’s arms for the most energetic part of the class. From there, we round out the class with core awareness, some Pilates-inspired leg work, and finally, a sweet savasana. That is to say: mama naptime!

Postnatal mama-baby Yoga Bonding is a safe and secure space for moms and babies to get to know each other, to meet new friends, and to gain confidence in getting out and about in the world together. Here, it’s perfectly OK if you’re late, if your baby cries, if your milk leaks, if there’s a diaper blow-out … we’ve all been there, and we have nothing but love for mamas and babies! The only requirement here is that you go easy on yourself!

A couple of big benefits moms regularly report after Yoga Bonding: Baby takes a longer-than-usual nap that afternoon, and nursing moms notice increased milk supply that day.

Feel welcome to bring an extra adult to the class with you — grandma, mother-in-law, dad, sister, nanny … baby yoga can be such a sweet experience to share with the family. You’re always welcome to bring a camera, too. We’d love to snap a shot of you & baby doing yoga, for your scrapbook!


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