Essential Oils

For years, I dabbled in essential oils (EO) personally –a little lavender here, a bit of eucalyptus there– and worked them into my yoga practice from time to time. In 2013, my friend and EO mentor Brittany Anderson introduced me to the far-reaching health applications of oils, and reminded me of their subtle energetic properties for emotional support. I began incorporating Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils into my year-long women’s circle in order to nourish the emotional transformations taking place. And I introduced them at home to my husband and daughters. (We all have our personal favorites now!).

I’d love to share DoTERRA essential oils with you, as well! Send me a note to request a sample. And with your first preferred customer or wholesale order, I’ll include a free 30-minute consult about the oils that best serve you through pregnancy, parenting, self-care, or another area of your life calling for extra attention and support.

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