Transformational Life Coaching

I didn’t set out to become a coach, but when I learned about the womanspace Transformational Life Coaching program, I felt a resounding YES in my heart and body for this work. Coaching is a natural extension of the Women’s Circle work I do. And coaching beautifully complements the kind of conversations that often come up during prenatal and postnatal yoga chats with mothers. The self-care coaching collaboration serves up unexpected delight, healing, and insight, again and again, for my clients and for me.

Typically, we meet one-on-one by phone for 50-minute sessions. My coaching specialty –grounded in my training and my personal experience– is helping you refine and upgrade areas such as:

  • self-care & your relationship with yourself
  • pregnancy & preparing for birth
  • postpartum
  • parenting

I also provide support in two other areas: creating & growing your business & community. They may seem a bit of a departure from those just mentioned, but they come out of my direct life experience. And I find that they often intermingle with the transformational time of becoming a mother. Regardless of the timing, I’d be thrilled to work with you in these areas:

  • your small business (especially extending your reach & tending to your social media marketing for your service-based business)
  • creating community, especially when you’ve relocated to a new locale

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