Circles for Women and Mothers

If I could go back to my earliest months of being a mother, I would have signed up for a women’s circle in. a. heartbeat! So many times I have looked back and asked myself, “WHAT was I waiting for?” Postpartum depression and a cross-country move, apparently. You, dear woman, do not have to wait for something so draining or dramatic! In fact, you don’t have to wait long at all!

  • About once a month, I facilitate a seasonal circle of support dedicated to a single topic relevant to a woman’s heart. These Circles offer an evening of holding sacred space, easy conversation, and gently listening in to the truths and questions of each woman’s heart, mind, and spirit.
  • I also facilitate a year-long Circle inspired by the Birthing Ourselves into Being curriculum created by my friend and mentor Baraka Elihu. This is a truly life-changing experience of softening your relationship with yourself and creating profound connection with a small, like-minded group of women in our local Nashville community. Registration opens for a short time in the late summer/early fall, and is limited to 9 women.

{Check here for the calendar of seasonal Circles} {Sign up now to learn more about the next one-year Circle}