Prenatal & Postnatal Mama-Baby Yoga

Teaching yoga has been a life-saving, heart-opening practice for me since 2003, when I completed the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training program. Then in 2007, there came a moment of crystal-clear clarity while I was pregnant with my first child: Prenatal yoga made me feel incredibly normal and at ease in my suddenly unfamiliar and often uncomfortable body. Not long after, I was enjoying a similar sense of freedom and connection in mama-baby yoga (cutest yoga ever!).

With encouragement and guidance from my teacher-turned-friend Sarah Longacre, I shifted my teaching toward moms-to-be and new mamas. Now, teaching prenatal yoga and postnatal mama-baby yoga is the highlight of my work week.

  • I teach several prenatal yoga classes in Nashville, as well as postnatal mama-baby yoga.
  • I’m available for small group and private instruction to prepare women for birth, to accommodate your older baby/young toddler group, or to just generally make scheduling easier for you.
  • The sense of love and connection in these prenatal and postnatal yoga classes in Nashville warms a mom’s heart!

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