Jennifer has collected a beautiful book of birth stories. Throughout my second pregnancy, whenever I would start to get anxious or worked up about the VBAC I was attempting, I turned to Jennifer’s book for comfort. The stories are so real and individual, it kept reminding me how special every birthing experience is. This makes a great baby shower gift or something special for any of your prego loved ones!

-Sarah P

I began reading this book in my dr’s office, and I was told I could get it at nearby store. I had to have it so I could finish reading it because I really want to have a more positive birthing experience this time around. This book has many different scenarios of happy mamas giving birth in some expected and unexpected ways, which is just the natural “way” of birth~right!


This was one of my favorite books to read while I was pregnant. A wonderful positive reminder that birth itself is a miracle and a blessing not a mere medical procedure. Each of my pregnant friends have received this book as a present and every single one loved it!!!


A must have for any expectant mother! I read a story at least once a month, as a reminder that birth is a beautiful and sacred event. It is now my go to gift for any new mom. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me, to bask in the awesomeness & wonder of birth. Enjoy!

-Dr. Allison Kennemar

This is a very sweet little book with inspiring stories for moms-to-be. But, it is also nice for moms who have already been through this wonderful experience. This book will be my go-to shower gift from now on.

-Stacie Frye