Write Your Birth Story

Writing Your Birth Story Nashville

I cherish my daughters' birth stories because they are *our* stories, each one an epic tale of mother and daughter meeting for the first time. My daughters love to hear about their birth days -- those sacred events that led to their arrival earthside. I love birth stories, too, so much so that I created a book of them, and created a special section for them here on the {breathe, mama} blog. But I'll be the first to admit that a birth story isn't easy to write! That's why I'm offering a new workshop, Writing Your Birthing Story. {sign up for the birth story workshop below!} My … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Birth Goddess


For my friend Allison's blessingway, I found a turquoise birth goddess to add to her birthing necklace. I loved the simplicity and the symbolism of the pendant, so when I purchased Allison's, I also got one for myself and one to share  -- maybe with you, in today's giveaway! I love turquoise for its healing properties, and of course, I'm absolutely smitten with all things birthy and symbolic. The goddess (she's about 1-1/2 inches) could be placed on an altar, worn as a necklace on her own, or placed in a collectibles box. The folks at the Native American Gallery in Athens, Ga., wrapped the … [Read more...]

Nurture+Frolic – Parenting Adventures at AthensPatch

Nurture+Frolic AthensPatch

When I'm not writing here, I'm sometimes writing over at AthensPatch. Nurture+Frolic is my take on mothering in my hometown. It's a lot like what we do here at Mamahhh, only over there... Here's one about staying sane during the end-of-day parenting rush. The French make it sound so poetic -- "between the dog and the wolf" -- and some mama-friends make it totally manageable with their BTDT advice. This was a parenting ah-ha for me: We can actually pick our own family traditions. Really. Start one this week! We've opted for an annual strawberry farm visit. Sweet and messy. Kids love it! … [Read more...]