7 Days of Self-Care: Day 7


This week, unwrap the gift of 35 ways to experience and appreciate self-care. Sometimes self-care is big, like spa day or date night. More often, it’s a state of mind that embraces you and centers you in compassion. Sometimes self-care requires a little planning. Other times, you simply need acknowledge the goddess that is *you* in the moment. Come back to your center, beloved. Remember that you are enough, just as you are, the crown Mama jewel.   “Self-care is the development of your highest self.” ~ Rachel Harris, PhD, author of 20-Minute Retreats: Revive Yourself in Just Minutes a … [Read more...]

Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – See the Beauty


The weather turned dreary this week. A day-long downpour on Monday, gray skies on Tuesday, and still-breezy temps today. Now that the leaves are mostly fallen, the neighborhood trees are nearly naked, vulnerable to the oncoming winter. But there's this one beautiful, burning flame of a tree that sits so much on the edge of my neighbor's yard that I enjoy it as though it were rooted on my own land. This gorgeous Japanese maple shines her light in the rain, in the gray, in the cold. She's like a one-woman stop to the gray-day blues. What's shining a light in your life today, dear … [Read more...]

Mamahhh’s Self-Care Month – Post It: You are Beautiful


At my local yoga studio, Five Points Yoga, there’s the sweetest note on the bathroom mirror. It says: You are beautiful! (Yes, you!) Why not stick a note like that on your morning mirror? Because you are! Beautiful! A dear friend of mine recently made "seeing beauty" her personal work. She committed to seeing and sensing her own beauty daily. She was kind to herself in the mirror, and she captured her own beauty in some self-portraits she shot. Most remarkably, she said that not long after she started thinking more kindly about her beauty, the universe mirrored that back to her: … [Read more...]

More love, for you and America the Beautiful

More love, for you and America the Beautiful

More love. That was the antidote recently suggested by my friend and teacher Baraka Elihu: Instead of dwelling on what we don’t like about ourselves and trying to change it or get rid of it, what if we layered on more love? From kids to co-workers to our partner and for our own sweet selves, what if? What if we simmered in more beauty, more fun, more happiness, more peace? This holiday weekend, celebrating freedom in the midst of the sticky-hot weather and kids all amped up on summer vacation, seems like a good time to try it out. More love. More beauty. More fun. More happiness. We’re free … [Read more...]

Beautiful You


The last time I felt truly beautiful, I was nearly 9 months pregnant. Where my body loves to cling to the carbs I crave, instead a baby snuggled in the space of my belly. I felt so lovely that I never really noticed I’d developed a mild melasma, the mask of pregnancy, until I was a few days postpartum. I love remembering that sense of balancing between beauty and strength in my body. I’m searching for ways to get back to feeling that beautiful—without having to actually be 9 months pregnant again! Ah, body image. Such a raw topic for so many of us. So easy to come at it from the down … [Read more...]