Birthing Ourselves into Being: What Women Say

A group of women commit to gathering weekly to share sacred space with one another for one year, witnessing each woman's natural gifts and appreciating one another in the present moment. Nothing to do or become. Nothing to fix or change. No judgment or advice. A practice of compassion and collaboration. A gentle accountability to putting self-care first. A dip into the healing, rejuvenating energy of the Sacred Feminine. Great transformation and love flows forth. That's Birthing Ourselves into Being.   From the heart, here's what the women of Nashville's Birthing Ourselves into Being … [Read more...]

Birthing Ourselves Into Friendship

Nashville women's circle

Alexa Clay was part of the 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being one-year women's circle for self-care in Nashville. As a graduate student and a mother of two boys, Alexa was regularly running short on time. To get time for herself, she realized, she'd simply have to claim it. She joined the Birthing Ourselves into Being circle, and committed to inviting in more joy, more peace, and room for her heart to breathe. In her own words, here is Alexa's BOiB experience: "I have been a part of many women’s circles in the past and know very well the gifts that come from sitting in a room with a group of … [Read more...]

Birthing Ourselves into Being: “Freedom to be Vulnerable”

Emi Canahuati Nashville women's circle

Emi Canahuati is a wife, mother, sexuality health educator, and a participant in the 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being women's circle in Nashville. For years, Emi has helped people thrive by educating them about the healthy, vibrant role sexuality plays in creating a happy, fulfilled life. But even as she was helping others take care of themselves, Emi realized she wasn't always tending to her own happiness and well-being. Here, Emi explains how she connected with her inner strength by dedicating a year to deepening her relationship with her own heart: "I didn’t know spaces like this … [Read more...]

Birthing Ourselves into Being Women’s Circle: “Exactly What I Needed”

Wife, mother, and businesswoman Kristy May participated in Nashville's 2013 Birthing Ourselves into Being women's circle. Here, in her own words, Kristy speaks about the meaning circle work has held for her, and ultimately for her family, this year: "The invitation to participate in the Birthing Ourselves Into Being Women’s Circle came at a time in my life when major changes were on the forefront and big decisions had to be made. Although I was hesitant of a weekly commitment for an entire year, it was exactly what I needed to work through all that was surfacing during this pivotal … [Read more...]

One Year, One Circle, One Commitment


The momentum is building for a year-long women’s circle here in Nashville! Based on the book Birthing Ourselves into Being, by Baraka Elihu, this weekly women’s circle has the potential to make your dreams crystal clear, seriously & sweetly upgrade your self-care, and create lasting bonds with other women. I experienced this circle with 9 other women in Athens, Georgia, in 2011. Our group was facilitated by Baraka at womanspace. For me, connecting in a shared sacred space with a dedicated group of women week after week enriched my life spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Time … [Read more...]