A year-long women’s circle in Nashville


I’d been feeling spiritually disconnected for awhile, a few years at least. So when I heard about the 2011 Birthing Ourselves into Being circle, I thought it sounded like just the thing  to juice my Sunday afternoons. I had no idea! The year-long circle reignited my commitment to spiritual practice through poignant readings and the kind of truth-speaking that quickens your pulse. The women in the circle—there were 9 of us—held a space of compassion and encouragement for me so I could step into a better way of being, even when I had to make the trip more than once. One big change for me: I … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Baraka’s Unfolding


Happy Monday, beloveds. I hope you’re still basking in the glow of Mother’s Day. Make yourself a cup of tea, let the cool breeze dance through your window, and enjoy this truly lyrical story of the day a woman gave herself over to the rite of passage of becoming a mother. I love the way my friend and mentor Baraka has with words, and the way she tells the story of her natural, nearly unassisted homebirth is sweet indeed. Tomorrow, her husband, Todd, will share his recollection of the day their daughter, Akasha, arrived Earthside. —xoxox jenni   The First Letter I Wrote to My … [Read more...]

A Long Courtship with Self-Care

Spring Renewal Self Care Retreat Vision Board 1

A long time ago, in a life I’ve nearly forgotten—the one before kids—I had a one-dimensional view of self-care. It involved calling in sick to work for a “mental health day.” Or, “spa day.” It was all the same to me, really. One other time, someone told me I should schedule some “white space” into my planner. (Waaay back in the days of paper planners zipped into leather-bound binders!) The idea was to pencil in some “me” time.  I was never very good at it. Even when I was responsible only for the care and feeding of moi, I didn’t get far with self-care. I piled on the stress and worked … [Read more...]

36 Hours of Radical Self-Care: A Ritual

Two burning hearts

Every Sunday afternoon, I sit with a group of wonderful women to do the work of honoring each other’s lives, dreams, loves, and creations. We’re guided by womanspace founder Baraka Elihu and her book Birthing Ourselves into Being, which is a 12-month metaphorical experience of the birthing year. A lot of what I share here at Mamahhh.com is inspired by the experience I have in that wise woman circle. (And I will write more about women’s circles soon; I truly can’t imagine my life without that support!) This month, the wise woman “homework” was to enact a ritual that honors a “birth” I’ve … [Read more...]