Body Image and My Sweet 6-year-old


Sitting in the doctor’s office waiting area, I notice that my 6 year old has picked up a copy of Us Weekly. She is fixated on the beautiful starlets in their gala gowns. “You know what the funny thing is about those pictures?” I ask. “What?” “Every one of those pictures was put into a computer and made to look like a perfect drawing instead of a real woman,” I say, keeping my tone easy. “You know how many people it took to get the ladies ready for their pictures?” “How many?” she inquires. “Oh, so many,” I say. “One to fix her hair. One to do her makeup. Someone else to pick out … [Read more...]

Your Perfectly Pregnant Body: A Meditation

Pregnant woman loving life

After a short, sweet prenatal yoga practice last night (the Be Blooma Well prenatal yoga DVD is similar), I offered the moms-to-be a gentle pregnancy meditation to nourish their beautiful round bellies and awe-inspiring bodies. It went something like this: Your body is miraculous, growing another body within. Every cell bears strength. Your bones, your muscles, your tendons and ligaments—all of you, resilient and responsive as your body changes and your baby grows. Your hormonal system is a wonder and a mystery. It communicates, between your cells and your baby’s cells, an agreement to begin … [Read more...]

Belly Love


The roundness of my belly has nothing to do with being pregnant, at least not now. Two-and-a-half years have passed since I last carried a child that way. … [Read more...]

Beautiful You


The last time I felt truly beautiful, I was nearly 9 months pregnant. Where my body loves to cling to the carbs I crave, instead a baby snuggled in the space of my belly. I felt so lovely that I never really noticed I’d developed a mild melasma, the mask of pregnancy, until I was a few days postpartum. I love remembering that sense of balancing between beauty and strength in my body. I’m searching for ways to get back to feeling that beautiful—without having to actually be 9 months pregnant again! Ah, body image. Such a raw topic for so many of us. So easy to come at it from the down … [Read more...]