How to Wean Your Toddler

Bring back your best bras

A friend recently asked me about weaning her toddler. After 23 months of breastfeeding her second child, she was done. Her first child had weaned without fanfare, but her second continued to be quite attached. How to ease out of a long-term nursing relationship? While some mom & tot pairs could nurse on and on, it’s also normal for a woman to have a sense of being done, for having completed that phase of her relationship with her child. Finding new ways of relating to and enjoying your child, and discovering new aspects of parenting is one of the joys of raising … [Read more...]

What does Attachment Parenting look like for you?


A dynamic group of moms here in Nashville joined together a couple years ago to create the outdoor-loving Bambino Brigade. They’re a running, hiking, zoo-going, nature-center-loving bunch of mamas of young kiddos. They also connect over some great parenting conversation on their Facebook page and web message boards. One conversation in particular caught my attention last week, and the mamas gave their blessing to share it here. On the heels of the shocking “Are you mom enough?” TIME magazine cover –which looked to be exclusively about breastfeeding, but also took a broader look at … [Read more...]

Laughing and Lactating

Laughing and Lactating

True story: I recently saw a mama leak milk while laughing. There weren’t any babies around at the time, so that wasn’t the cause of her leak. In fact, we were laughing just for the sake of laughing when the lactating started. Has this happened to you? In this case, there were about 20 of us women circled up, all part of the Blooma Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. As part of a teaching exercise, we were practicing laughter yoga, with each woman taking a turn laughing intentionally. In other words, our laughter wasn’t fake, just not spontaneous. But as our laughs made their way … [Read more...]

It’s Not the Month for Breast Cancer

Beating Breast Cancer

It's not the month for breast cancer. (It never is.) The disease gets a lot of press in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it has my full attention now. That's because my friend Julie is a BRCA+ woman, and she's made the wildly difficult decision to have a preventative mastectomy & reconstruction. On Wednesday. Julie is feeling smart about her decision to remove her boobs, and given her 87% chance of breast cancer, I couldn't agree more. Julie is 34, the mother of three young children, and the daughter of a breast cancer "previvor" (meaning her mom also had a prophylactic … [Read more...]