40 Minutes Later…


Today is that day. The one with so much to do that it feels impossible to know where to begin. The day when my work-from-home status isn’t sure whether it’s dedicated to clean-the-house work, pay-the-bills work, feed-the-soul work, or keep-this-whole-Mann-Fam-operation-afloat work. I’m stuck. Every room in the house calls for my attention and a claim on my time. I want to snuggle up with the DVR remote and clear that sucker out … 2 episodes of a show I don’t even like yet … 4 doses of 30 Rock … a nerd-heaven documentary about dolphins. The brain candy awaits, right. over. there! But … [Read more...]

What I Want


It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “What do you wish to ask for?” I must admit, what I want is pretty simple, ridiculously traditional, and not entirely necessary. But I'd absolutely adore having a white picket fence. And while I'm asking, how about a deck, too. My home is blessed with a nice-enough yard (Landscapers, shush please. Weedy and a little overgrown is OK by us!), but we have no fence. And the previous owner had a handicap accessible ramp on the back of the house. With a little carpentry creativity, I can see how we'd turn it into … [Read more...]

Decluttering: Garage Sale Week!

Decluttering: Garage Sale Week

This week, the path to a peaceful home requires dismantling our space and our schedule. Rooms are undone, and household routines are unrecognizable as we wreak this havoc. In four consecutive days of intense decluttering, I feel the house lightening up day by day. I feel me lightening bit by bit. Closets are being cleared, unwanted items have a chance at a new life, and we can feel the energy flowing through our home brighter and better than ever. The work of letting go of old stuff, even stuff we don't use, feels like both liberation and loss. My children rummage through the garage sale … [Read more...]

Mamahhh, In a Wordle

In a Wordle

A picture of a thousand (or so) words gets to the heart of Mamahhh... :-) … [Read more...]

Motherhood Haiku

mamahhh_2011-0510 HeartNotes2

Happy Tuesday Haiku to you! Writing little poem-notes of haiku feels like a short, joyful meditation to me. Doodling with words, then discovering that you’ve created something really quite wonderful, a masterpiece to call your own--that's lovely. Treat yourself to a moment to enjoy these creations ... and add one of your own in the comments below! Mother love gentle / Enveloping and constant / yet fierce, protective —Susan Fisher Moms kiss our boo boos / And pick us up when we fall. / Even when we're old. —Holley Mangham First pregnancy? Wow! / You can't know what you're … [Read more...]