Friday Reads


Two great reads from around the interweb today worth sharing: This one, where eight midwives share their wisdom, in an excerpt from the new book Catching Babies by Geradine Simkins. I'm so grateful for everyone dedicated to helping women birth. What powerful work! Check out the story: Catching Babies over at Spirituality & Health magazine. No longer does a “normal birth” mean a new mother awakens in a haze to discover that her baby is no longer inside of her. Today, often with the help of midwives, women are fully present while giving birth. Once again, women are able to share … [Read more...]

25 Reasons to Clear the Clutter


I’ve always had a special way with clutter. We stick together—especially if office supplies and paper are involved. My college roommate practically deserves sainthood for the number of times she helped me box up pencils, pens, and paperclips, and more and more of them each time we moved. (Jen Anderson, I'll never be able to thank you enough!) But since becoming a mother, clutter has become more than a sticking point. When I’m overly stressed or sleep-deprived, clutter turns my irritation into a seriously dark mood. Suddenly, I can see only the flaws and the junk and everything wrong with my … [Read more...]