Why I Want a King-Sized Bed


It’s Wishcasting Wednesday over at Jamie Ridler Studios. This week she’s asking, “What belongings do you wish for?” A king-sized bed. If you co-sleep, you know why. What's that? You're not a co-sleeping family? Just wait. When you have a kiddo old enough to climb out of her bed and into yours, you'll know why! If I could travel back in time for a do-over on my prenatal registry, I'd add "KING SIZED BED" near the top of the list! Until then, I'm dreaming of space to sleep with ease. A space where the kids can sprawl and we parents can still sleep in peace. A space where we can … [Read more...]

Before the Birth Plan, A Pregnancy Plan


I’m worried about the state of birth in our society. Fewer doctors know what drug-free childbirth looks like. Vaginal births are on the decline in too many places. More moms think their care providers are going to educate them about childbirth during the already too-short appointments dedicated to checking on mom’s and baby’s prenatal health. And it feels a lot like we’re conceding birth as a medical event, rather than protecting it as the wholly natural and empowering experience it can be. Let’s be clear: I don’t believe the only “good” birth is a natural birth. I don’t think OBs are the … [Read more...]

What does Attachment Parenting look like for you?


A dynamic group of moms here in Nashville joined together a couple years ago to create the outdoor-loving Bambino Brigade. They’re a running, hiking, zoo-going, nature-center-loving bunch of mamas of young kiddos. They also connect over some great parenting conversation on their Facebook page and web message boards. One conversation in particular caught my attention last week, and the mamas gave their blessing to share it here. On the heels of the shocking “Are you mom enough?” TIME magazine cover –which looked to be exclusively about breastfeeding, but also took a broader look at … [Read more...]

Sleep Sanity

mamahhh_2011-03 no sleep

During pregnancy, we mamas devote a lot of energy to thinking about birth birth birth. After birth, approximately 150 percent of our energy is redirected to sleep sleep sleep. Some lucky new parents receive the amazing gift of a sleep-friendly baby. The rest of us? We become dedicated students of the art of sleep, or lack of. If you are deep into the study of helping a baby sleep and still manage to have a little energy and focus leftover, the Chicago Tribune is hosting a chat about babies’ sleep next week, Tuesday, March 15, at noon, CST. The Babies’ Sleeping Issues Live Health Chat … [Read more...]