Self-Care in Haiku

This month, I've been participating in freelance writer Michelle Rafter's annual WordCount Blogathon. Her blogathon creates a lot of support among bloggers, and she offers plenty of encouragement to keep writing, day in and day out. Some days, Michelle provides a prompt to get us thinking and writing about our topics in new ways. Today's directive: Write a haiku. I loved this exercise last year, when you, dear readers, shared haikus of your own! As it turned out, I got to read a lot of haiku poetry this weekend. My friend Vicki's birthday inspired a haiku blog created for her by her husband … [Read more...]

Let’s Write Poetry!


Motherhood has its moments—and sometimes they are long ones—of zapping your energy and depleting your creativity. Sometimes, I find a little cure in trying a new or unusual activity. And that’s the inspiration behind today’s invitation. Will you write a motherhood haiku? I know. I don’t really write poetry either. (And if you do write poetry, I admire your creativity!) A long time ago, I was a prolific creatress of angsty teen poetry, but pragmatism has long since dug her deep roots into my psyche. So I’ve been seeking out more magic and playfulness, because, really, why not?! I’ve also … [Read more...]