Decluttering: Garage Sale Week!

Decluttering: Garage Sale Week

This week, the path to a peaceful home requires dismantling our space and our schedule. Rooms are undone, and household routines are unrecognizable as we wreak this havoc. In four consecutive days of intense decluttering, I feel the house lightening up day by day. I feel me lightening bit by bit. Closets are being cleared, unwanted items have a chance at a new life, and we can feel the energy flowing through our home brighter and better than ever. The work of letting go of old stuff, even stuff we don't use, feels like both liberation and loss. My children rummage through the garage sale … [Read more...]

Friday Reads


Two great reads from around the interweb today worth sharing: This one, where eight midwives share their wisdom, in an excerpt from the new book Catching Babies by Geradine Simkins. I'm so grateful for everyone dedicated to helping women birth. What powerful work! Check out the story: Catching Babies over at Spirituality & Health magazine. No longer does a “normal birth” mean a new mother awakens in a haze to discover that her baby is no longer inside of her. Today, often with the help of midwives, women are fully present while giving birth. Once again, women are able to share … [Read more...]

The Great Decluttering of 2011


From basement to rafters, I’m decluttering my house. (I've got good reason to do it!) Every possession will be considered. Every box unpacked. Every paper filed, shredded, or recycled. It may take all summer, or it may take til the end of the year. But I am on the warpath against clutter, working toward the day—at least one day!—when the house is set, and there’s room to breathe, and there’s a place for everything, and space for new things. A day when it’s all beautiful and functional and peaceful and just ahhhhhh. I’m not doing this alone. I’ve hired help. Julie’s got organization in her … [Read more...]