Essential Oils for Birth


Brittany Anderson--board certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, birth doula, integrative health coach--is a holistic practitioner who blends the wisdom of ancient tradition with the advances of Western innovation. Recently, she's added essential oils into her personal health and well-being practice, and she's incorporated them into the work she does with friends, family, and clients. Her experience? She feels better, her husband feels better, and the women she works with in pregnancy and birth feel better. Even her father, after years of conventional medical care, has come around to the … [Read more...]

The Tender Care of a Loss Doula

Miscarriage Infant Loss Support Nashville

Women in the midst of pregnancy who have experienced trauma and women who are sensitive to deeply emotional topics may find this a difficult post to read. ** This post is intended to help educate women about the role of loss doulas who support families during pregnancy and infant loss. ** --- On August 12, 2010, Leanne Latterell experienced what no mother ought to endure: Her precious son Michael was stillborn. Two years earlier, Leanne had been drawn into the work of supporting women through pregnancy loss. Now she faced her own loss—and she tapped into a well of understanding … [Read more...]

Inspired: Doula Alisa Blackwood

Upgrade your daily routine with a dash of inspiration! Here’s a quick look at why women do the work they do! Meet the Woman: Alisa Blackwood, 36, mother of two, doula (works privately and as a volunteer doula), birth photographer, journalist, yoga teacher. Lives in Minneapolis. Birth advocate since 2007. Alisa, what inspired you to become a doula?  I'm lucky to have a mother who ADORED being pregnant. I grew up hearing about how beautiful she felt while pregnant—and in pictures she positively glowed—so I never thought of pregnancy as a time to feel fat or yucky. (Though I understand, … [Read more...]

Sacred and Sweet: Mama Baby Yoga {part 1 of 2}


When Jess Helle-Morrissey gave birth to twin boys in January 2011, she stepped not only onto the path of motherhood, but also onto a new career path. Now a birth doula, childbirth educator, prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, the psychotherapist lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. “My life path changed pretty dramatically after I became a mama,” Jess says. One thing that kept her grounded through those early days of parenting twins and redirecting her career? Yoga--with her infant boys. With advanced degrees in Counseling Psychology and Clinical Social Work, Jess is nearing … [Read more...]

Birth with Confidence

Birth with Confidence

This week here at Mamahhh, moms and moms-to-be shared their thoughts about what gave them confidence for labor and birth. From ipods to Ina May, here's wishing you the confidence you need for a beautiful birth! ~xoxox, jenni A couple things gave me confidence during the labor and birth of my twins in January of this year. The first was a really comprehensive Lamaze class. I felt totally prepared and confident in my ability to labor and give birth the way I wanted after 4 weeks of class. The second was my labor support team – my two amazing doulas, my loving husband, and my kind and … [Read more...]