A Practice Worth Sticking With?

A practice worth sticking with

Yesterday, in the heat of the afternoon sun, my husband and I picked up sticks in the front yard. We worked a solid half-hour, and though we saw some progress—two trash barrels full—we were nowhere near done. (Our children were blissed out on air conditioning and an episode of Caillou while we worked to get the hang of this, us with our gray thumbs.) As I picked up sticks, I slid into a bit of a meditation. I had a single point of focus, and stick by stick, my mind began unwinding its usual knot of thoughts. I struggled a bit to get comfortable. Then, following the stick-picking rhythm like … [Read more...]

My Gardening Karma is Squirrelly


Maybe it’s the sparkling shine of summer on my children’s darling little faces or just a phase my girls are going through, but they are The Cutest Kids in the World these days. Even when I’m losing my cool, I have a huge crush on them. So this morning, I was feeling exceptionally crush-y about my cuties and really proud about these beautiful petunias we’ve grown in pots on our front porch. The girls and I have been working together (let’s do teamwork!) to water the plants each morning. They take turns with the watering can, sharing the splashing and the sense of accomplishment. And it’s … [Read more...]