Motherhood Pains? 4 Ways to Feel Better

Birth changes you forever in myriad ways. Serious lifestyle changes demand your energy: Staying up all night nursing a baby, rather than say, nursing a sweet glass of wine with dinner. And then there are the physical changes—too numerous to list, really. Breasts, belly, lady parts, all so very, very different, although those changes are not all that unexpected. What can catch you by surprise are the random body aches and pains that come from bearing and raising children. Belly Button Bliss birth story contributor Kara Douglass Thom, who is the author of the book & blog Hot (Sweaty) … [Read more...]

An Equinox Treasure ~ Balance and Gratitude


My dear friend Beth—mother, writer, web designer, photographer, a principal at Thrasher Photo & Design LLC, and all-around beautiful artiste!—recently shared an impressive, inspiring list of "little" home improvements her family made during the past few months. Well, she called them little; I think they're amazing! Here is Beth's “Fall Equinox Thankfulness List—the things we have done to make change on a small scale in our world, since summer solstice.” Canceled cable television and put an end to politics, violence, and corporate America in our home (and will save enough money to … [Read more...]

What I Won’t Say

What I Won't Say

I have to admit, I took the bait. Sitting in a wise woman’s circle this past weekend, we were offered a writing prompt: “what I won’t tell you.” I had so much to say. I wrote so hard, so intensely, so many of the scary things that I could never, ever tell you, or anyone. I wrote so hard my hand cramped. Then my heart cramped. And my eyes crimped. And—mamas, you know what came next—the tears were a-flowin’. Hurt, heartbreak, loss, regret. From the oh-so-shallow to the deep-dark-and-subtle, raw emotions and memories spilled and scrawled across the page. It was a little cathartic … and then … [Read more...]