Birthing Inspiration


For this week's Inspiration Workshop, Gussy Sews wants to know: What inspires? I owe a little apology to the mamas attending my prenatal yoga classes the past few months: I've been slacking on the soundtrack, which means I've been coming up short on bringing a little inspiration to your birthing day. My ipod and I have been having a mini-standoff of sorts (oh, tech and tunes, you are not my forté!), and so I have been missing one of my favorite artists: Snatam Kaur. The heavenly voice of Snatam is always a favorite among prenatal mamas. Her Grace album, in particular, is truly divine. … [Read more...]

Tune in to the Sun


This week's Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop is all about Sunshine. sparkle sparkle glimmer shine sun! I love the summer sun streaming through the clouds, enjoyed in the car, with the windows down and the radio turned up. The sun in the song always puts me in a good mood! Here are a few songs --a little easy, breezy self-care-- to put the sun in your day... … [Read more...]

For Want of a Hammock


This week's Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop is all about pampering. Not your baby, of course. You, glorious you! Can I just say, "Yes!" And how about, "Amen!"     Let's not forget, "More, please!"   Goodness, I feel great! What's your favorite way to pamper yourself? Do tell. This is one to-do list I want to be really, really long!   … [Read more...]

Handmade: My Birth Necklace

Mamahhh Birth Necklace

Since writing earlier this week about my friend Allison's blessingway, I've been meaning to share my own birthing necklace. I unearthed it from its precious box a few days ago, for the first time since we moved. That was two-and-a-half years ago, when my youngest was just a few months old. I never intended to set aside my beautiful birthing necklace --my daughter's necklace, really-- for so long. But it's certainly not the first thing that's fallen to the wayside during these early years parenting a 2yo and 4yo. Anywhoo, I noticed that Liv Lane posted her gorgeous birth necklace on her … [Read more...]