Self-Care in Haiku

This month, I've been participating in freelance writer Michelle Rafter's annual WordCount Blogathon. Her blogathon creates a lot of support among bloggers, and she offers plenty of encouragement to keep writing, day in and day out. Some days, Michelle provides a prompt to get us thinking and writing about our topics in new ways. Today's directive: Write a haiku. I loved this exercise last year, when you, dear readers, shared haikus of your own! As it turned out, I got to read a lot of haiku poetry this weekend. My friend Vicki's birthday inspired a haiku blog created for her by her husband … [Read more...]

Motherhood Haiku

mamahhh_2011-0510 HeartNotes2

Happy Tuesday Haiku to you! Writing little poem-notes of haiku feels like a short, joyful meditation to me. Doodling with words, then discovering that you’ve created something really quite wonderful, a masterpiece to call your own--that's lovely. Treat yourself to a moment to enjoy these creations ... and add one of your own in the comments below! Mother love gentle / Enveloping and constant / yet fierce, protective —Susan Fisher Moms kiss our boo boos / And pick us up when we fall. / Even when we're old. —Holley Mangham First pregnancy? Wow! / You can't know what you're … [Read more...]