4 Guidelines for Self-Care


"I don't have the time or a babysitter to be able to schedule a haircut. Before I became a mom, I just picked up the phone & made an appointment. Now, I'm "letting" my hair grow out." "I used to get my eyebrows waxed. Since having a baby, I "love" my full, thick eyebrows." "We went to a family wedding, and I stayed with the kids the whole time so my husband could celebrate." "I feel bad leaving my spouse with our 3 kids." "I don't have any time for me, and I don't know how to get it." "Self care is taking a shower, right?" That's what I heard this weekend from a group of … [Read more...]

No-Fear Solo Parenting


Earlier this week, a revelation: I no longer fear the solo-parenting stint. Single parents may roll their eyes or snicker a bit. After all, they’re pros! But for me, parenting without backup has typically involved a lot of yelling, a ton of tension in my body, sad-turning-to-mad kids, and finally, a side of self-loathing to compensate for crummy parenting. So this week was a milestone. My husband was away for a long business trip. Normally, I’d have some handwringing around that, and a ‘circle the girlfriends and ready the margaritas’ mantra in mind. I’ll still be plenty glad to have my … [Read more...]

More love, for you and America the Beautiful

More love, for you and America the Beautiful

More love. That was the antidote recently suggested by my friend and teacher Baraka Elihu: Instead of dwelling on what we don’t like about ourselves and trying to change it or get rid of it, what if we layered on more love? From kids to co-workers to our partner and for our own sweet selves, what if? What if we simmered in more beauty, more fun, more happiness, more peace? This holiday weekend, celebrating freedom in the midst of the sticky-hot weather and kids all amped up on summer vacation, seems like a good time to try it out. More love. More beauty. More fun. More happiness. We’re free … [Read more...]

Book Giveaway: The Happiest Mom

Book Giveaway: The Happiest Mom

Knowing what makes you tick as a mom can boost your happiness waaaay up. Meagan Francis, author of The Happiest Mom, talks about that today—and gives you a chance to win a copy of her new book, The Happiest Mom. (Details at the end of this post!) Yesterday, mom-of-five Meagan shared what she learned about happiness from her unexpected stint as a single mom. After she and her husband divorced when their second child was a toddler, Meagan realized she was responsible for her own happiness. She dedicated herself to figuring out what made her tick and what ticked her off. Here's a peek at some … [Read more...]

The Happiest Mom

2011-05May Mamahhh MeaganFrancisFam2

Meagan Francis, bless her, has created the cheat sheet we’ve all been searching for: 10 secrets to enjoying motherhood. Meagan is the shining light behind The Happiest Mom book and blog. The Happiest Mom (sneak preview: book giveaway tomorrow!) is easy to read, beautifully designed, and filled with wisdom you might’ve come to on your own, if only you’d had the time. And the sleep. And the practice. Meagan is mom to 5, which means she has way more mom experience than most of us, statistically speaking. The other thing that makes Meagan’s advice so potent is that she came by it honestly. … [Read more...]