Birth Story: Nicole’s Induction

2012-0505_Mamahhh_Nicole's Baby Jack

Just before I moved to Nashville in January, I got this love note/birth story from one of the mamas who attended my prenatal yoga classes last year in Athens GA. Nicole had such youthful energy, nevermind that by medical standards she met the “advanced maternal age” criteria. Pshaw! I loved Nicole’s questions and observations in class each week. She has a curious nature, and was always wanting to learn more about what she was experiencing in her pregnancy. She was so very excited to be pregnant! Here’s what Nicole had to say about her experience with induction, epidural, and drawing her yoga … [Read more...]

Birth Story: Push. Him. Out!


I met Carrie Bishop about three years ago when she came to my prenatal yoga class. She had so much enthusiasm for her practice and her preparation for birth. Even in those tired-out days of late pregnancy, she beamed an inspiring spark! I especially appreciated her thoughtfulness about her birth team: two doulas, a midwife, her twin sister, and of course, her husband, Jacob. Their precious boy is just over 2 years old now, and Carrie admits to being "a little weepy about it" but also really excited: "His speech development is really exploding right now so every day Jacob and I are looking at … [Read more...]

Birth Story: A Singular, Clear Feeling


Mama: Kirsten Ellenbogen Baby: Ezra, born October 29 at 1:35 a.m., weighing 8 pounds 10 ounces, and measuring 21½ inches Excerpted from Belly Button Bliss:  A Small Collection of Happy Birth Stories No one tells you that your body keeps producing amniotic fluid, so when my water broke with my second baby, I sat around much of the day as I had with my first: trying not to leak too much. After twelve hours of minor, irregular labor pains, my midwife asked me to come to the hospital. I was given a gentle once-over and sent home. We all agreed my contractions weren’t that impressive. … [Read more...]

Birth Story: A Whole New Person is in the World

Birth Story: A Whole New Person is in the World

Mama: Julie Moon Baby: Scarlett, born February 28 at 11:11am, 8 pounds 13 ounces, 21 3/4 inches Excerpted from Belly Button Bliss:  A Small Collection of Happy Birth Stories I awake around 3:45 a.m. on my due date with contractions about six minutes apart. A terrible storm rages outside. I call my mother and my best friend, Stephanie, to give them time enough to arrive for Scarlett’s birth. My husband, Joe, is awake too, fixing a snack. My son, Jackson, is cozy and safe at his grandparents’ house, where he’d gone to spend the night when I recognized the signs of early labor the … [Read more...]