Inspired: Doula Alisa Blackwood

Upgrade your daily routine with a dash of inspiration! Here’s a quick look at why women do the work they do! Meet the Woman: Alisa Blackwood, 36, mother of two, doula (works privately and as a volunteer doula), birth photographer, journalist, yoga teacher. Lives in Minneapolis. Birth advocate since 2007. Alisa, what inspired you to become a doula?  I'm lucky to have a mother who ADORED being pregnant. I grew up hearing about how beautiful she felt while pregnant—and in pictures she positively glowed—so I never thought of pregnancy as a time to feel fat or yucky. (Though I understand, … [Read more...]

5 Tips for a Great Prenatal Yoga Class


I’ve lost a lot of sleep during my past five years of parenting, but I still remember how I felt walking in to attend my first prenatal yoga classes. It was a total new-kid experience, with me wondering nervously who were all these chatty mamas, and why was everyone so darn happy?! Clearly, they'd all been best friends forever and were planning for their yet-to-be-born-kiddos to be BFFs too! It didn’t matter that I was a yoga teacher, or that I knew the teacher leading the class. I still felt a little alone, a little unsure—an experience that’s true for so many aspects of a first pregnancy! … [Read more...]

My Vision Board: More Bravos Make You Smile


Eight of us mamas sprawled on the floor of my living room, magazines, scissors, and glitter pens strewn about. We pored over words and images, searching for just the right ones to express hopes, dreams, questions, and answers for the rest of the year to come. We worked intently on our vision boards, with spirits and hopes high, moving easily between reflective quiet and a month’s worth of conversation. We’d intended this project would happen at one of our first monthly meetings of the year, but in our circle, three mamas have had babies in the past 3 months, four of us are nursing little … [Read more...]