Help Set a Breastfeeding World Record!


World Breastfeeding Week, August 1 – 7, is still going strong! It’s awesome to see a positive celebration of such an important and sometimes challenging part of the mama-baby experience! Two new things to note this week: This Saturday at 10:30am (your local time), nursing mamas can help set a world record for the most mamas breastfeeding at once. Get the deets about the Big Latch On in my article at iVillage! Not too long ago, I also wrote about the MilkTruck over at iVillage. As follow-up note to “Hey, Anti-Breastfeeding Meanies: Shape Up or We'll Call the Milk Truck!” – Jill Miller … [Read more...]

Alternative Cures for Colic?

Alternative cures for colic?

This week, the journal Pediatrics published a review of research on complementary and alternative therapies for colic. I summarized the key findings in a post over at iVillage Pregnancy & Parenting. … [Read more...]

Caramel! It’s What’s for Dinner


When I was pregnant the first time, the thought of food was so totally unappealing that I once came home from the grocery with nothing but a bag of Kraft caramels. My husband provided the nutritional logic: If I didn’t eat something soon, I’d end up in the hospital on a sugar drip anyway. Needless to say, this is not the nutritional advice expectant mothers ought to follow! Instead, for words to eat by, check out a short article I wrote over at iVillage: The advice from nutritionist Barbie Broschart Cervoni, MS, CD/N, RD, co-founder of, is geared toward vegetarian and … [Read more...]